Many centuries ago, foreign missionaries,
Stepped on the Indian shore,
Unaware of the language, food and Climate
Heroically mastered the forthcoming life’s
Dangers and woe
My Diamond Mine of love.

Scorching Sun, and frugal food
Unwelcoming situations did them no good
Very soon they fit themselves and equipped,
For an unexpected heavenly calls
My Diamond Mine of love.

In difficulties my missionaries gained victory,
Spread my kingdom with courage mighty,
Though the labourers were few, yet the harvest
grew n plenty,
India began to show its beauty
My Diamond Mine of love.

In nineteen hundred and five
Rev. Fr. Corti of kind Memory arrive
To a spot decked with forest trees so high,
My Diamond Mine of love

There in that wilderness,
Dear Fr. Corti taste the heavenly sweetness,
To succour the poor and outcast pariahs
The only aim of his greatness to be Christ like,
My Diamond Mine of love

That thatched mud hut was his lodge,
No cot, no chair, nor table, but a mat served for all,
As Christ emptied himself for the poor big and small
My Diamond Mine of love

A true man of God was he indeed,
To spread Christ’s Kingdom was his greed,
Planted a wooden cross of 7 meters high,
A symbol of Christ’s reign seems to be high,
My Diamond Mine of love

October 9th 1926 he had a heavenly call,
Rev. Fr. Corti went for his Eternal reward,
His successors Rev. Fathers Gaviraghy, Zearo,
Castileno, Fr. X. D’Souza and Pinto,
Toiled strenuously for the mission with equal zeal

An atmosphere of gloominess reigned in the mission
After the demise of Rev. Fr. Corti,
But his zealous successors Rev. Fr. J.B. Alvares
And Rev. Fr. Paul Fernandes,
Worked unitedly with the pioneer sisters of charity,
And Naravi reached to its gaiety,
Tis but a golden touch

The terrifying aspects of the monsoon rain,
Had always been a cause of great anxiety and pain,
Fr. Corti’s plan to have an orphanage in Birmottu,
Came into existence in proper time due,
Tis but a golden touch

Next to the convent, came a new building with difficulty,
A dwelling for the children poor and needy,
The neighboring village children found a safe security,
So the strength of the school rose increasingly,
Tis but a golden touch

The orphanage soon obtained recognition,
And the Government aid began to function,
A lower Elementary was raised to the
Higher Primary,
And gave much hope, for opening
Of a High School presently,

As the strength in the school increased,
Extension of the buildings became an urgent need,
Rev. Fr. Paul Vicar worked with greater speed,
Put up a decent block for the higher primary,
As well as a High School got ready,
Tis but a golden touch

St. Paul’s adidnanda School,
Of classes four, and teachers two,
Now transformed into a High- School,
Is but an admiration to one and all,
If not for an orphanage –A High School
Would not exist at all
Tis but a golden touch

Behold the wonderful village of Naravi,
Watered & nourished by the sacrifice of the missionaries,
Today stands as oases of joy and consolation,
A Mine of priestly, religious, & missionary vocations,
Now sheds its Silvery rays in succession,
My Diamond Mine of love

Viva, viva, Allegria,
Naravi mission in its highest attire,
Viva, viva, Allegria,
Glory and thanks to God forever,
Viva, viva, Allegria.

Sr. Carolina
. Hassan .

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