07 August 2013

A Government / Educational Department program to provide nutritious milk (or Milk supplement in the form of milk powder).

Rev. Fr. Louis Cutinha presided on the stage along with other officials namely, Chief Guest: Mrs. Sumithra – The president of the Village panchayath of Naravi.; Guest Mr. Anil Roshan – A member of village panchayath. and Rev. Sr. Asha Helen Pereira – Headmistress of our school.

1This is how the stage appeared in the beginning.

The staff member Mr. Vinod Monis conducted the program. The program was setup to serve the hot milk to the selected students as a symbolic initiation of the regular school program. The milk will be served to all the students on all school-working-days as long as the program is promoted by any aid.

2Rev. Fr. Louis Cutinha serving gracefully to our representative students.

3Mr. Anil Roshan, serving milk to a student.

5Sr. Asha Helen Our Headmistress is serving milk to a student.

6_Sip-on-dear-childSip on dear child! Our students are the one who inaugurate their own program by consuming milk.

Congratulations to all the students for having such opportunities.

12Our Guest Mr. Anil Roshan addressing the gathering.

13Rev. Fr. Louis Cutinha with his message to the students.


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